who am I? 

I am Annabelle. I am a young(ish) mum, trying to juggle (like many others) family, part-time job, living in a new country, learning a(nother) new language, making new friends with keeping my sanity! I combine my passions for eco-paper, typography and languages in my creations.

My little business is called Paper Papel Papier because these are the words used in my family to refer to paper (luckily German and French share the same word).

my philosophy 

Paper, Papel, Papier was born out of my passions for eco-paper, typography and languages. I design simple, modern, eco- and multilingual- friendly stationery.
I am passionate about diversity (cultural and linguistic). While planning my own wedding, I struggled to find anything meeting my needs (trilingual). I feel that a lot of stationery and paper goods out there are not at all catered for the ever growing number of people who have friends around the world or speak more than one language in their daily life.
I also believe that there is nothing nicer than finding in your letter box a handwritten note or a postcard from a loved one amongst the junk mail we receive every day. But why waste more paper? Recycled paper is definitely the way to go.

handmade items 

All of my work is handmade. Cards are created one by one by hand. So no two items are absolutely 100% identical. That is part of the beauty of the product! Even though I always try and make the items as identical to the one you see on screen as possible, slight irregularities and variations can occur.

my lucky snail mail lovers (so far...)