DIY notepad with template

I love writing notes and lists.
I tend to write on bits and pieces of scrap paper but then end up losing them or having too many and it defeats the point of trying to get organised. In a mad week, when I had lots of orders, I thought I'd better get organised and put all these notes in one place.
I searched Pinterest for some ideas and found out that it is actually really easy to make your own notepads. I had no idea!
So, here is my own tutorial for making your own as well as a free template to download. 

You will need:
  • scissors or guillotine
  • glue (I used transparent liquid multi-purpose glue)
  • wooden pegs (clothespins) or similar
  • paper (recycled is even better)
  • cardboard (cereal or pizza box)

 Once you have everything you need it is really simple.
  1. Cut out your paper and cardboard to the required size. The cardboard is for the back of your pad. It just gives your pad a little more sturdiness. You can omit it if you prefer.
  2. Line it all up and place one clip or peg/pin on each side to avoid the paper from moving. 
  3. Apply glue on the spine of the pad. Don't put too much otherwise the paper will wrinkle with the moisture. 

Add more pegs to secure it all into place. Leave to dry. I left mine for a couple of hours and it was enough.
I found that the clips (as shown on the picture above) are better than the pegs as the pegs tended to stick to the paper with the glue.  

Easy, no?
Here is a template I made for my own pads. Feel free to download it and use it (personal use only). The paper size for it is 100mm x 210mm. (It is a sheet of A4 cut in three.)

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