Upcycled cardboard envelopes or mailer

After redesigning and rethinking my packaging and shipping supplies a few months back, I struggled with shipping single cards. I do not have a large range of single cards with envelopes, but I am always stuck when I have to ship one. 

Baby card

It seems board-backed envelopes to ship a greeting card AND its envelope are hard to come by especially when my criteria include recycled or recyclable materials. I also wanted to stick to a specific format set by the German post system which means my customers pay less postage.
So, in my quest, I came across this post (in French) where Anny shows how to make a cardboard envelope out of a cereal box. 

If you have seen my mini calling cards, you will know this fits wonderfully within my shop philosophy and my business. So, I thought I'd give it a try. I tried on paper first and played a little with different sizes and flaps.  

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