Against excess packaging

If there is something I find completely useless and wasteful, it is excess packaging. I have recently received two packages, I wanted to share because I disliked them! The supplies cannot even claim in these cases that these were packaged this way for security or safety reason nor because it was to make them pretty as they were sold over the internet.


The first package was one from Amazon for a lot of ink for a home printer. Each cartridge comes in its own little card box. Fine. But then each one was put into a bubble envelope and then the envelopes were stuffed into a larger cardboard box. Excessive? I think so.

Deutsche Post

The second packet was from the German post office. I order stamps online in bulk. But stamps are only sheets of paper after all. The German post office though treats them as large items. The stamps were wrapped in a cardboard envelope. Good. But then the envelope was put into a larger box with a load of paper to make up for the emptiness. Why not simply send the cardboard envelope? It would fit through my letter box too instead of the postman having to ring!

This is also why I like my paper supplier. No excessive packaging at their end. They send it to me in boxes that have clearly been used before.

Is that what i ordered?

Have you got any bad examples of excess packaging?

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