Setting up a home studio / spare room

When I started this little business, I used work on our main living space table. This was fine as long as I had one order a week and could tidy things up inbetween. But now, with more than one order per day, a little girl and a husband, it is not really practical anymore.

the old dining table set up
 So I have decided to turn our spare bedroom (which is used quite often for family and friends) into a little studio. Not easy, but necessary.
the new set up (with camera set up for mock-ups)
stamps and packaging supplies at the ready

the tower of goods


I still have a way to go, not everything is like I would like. But my supplies are more neatly arranged, I have more space ot work and friends and family can still come and visit.
there is still space for the sofa bed, a bit of green and my daughter's 'treasure box' and story time with bunny when Maman has to work

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