This time last year, I was just a woman with an idea trying it out "just to see". I was trying to keep myself busy in a new country where I knew/know few people and remind myself that I had a brain and being a 'maman' was not all there was to me.

Today, I guess I am a small business owner in its own right. (It still feels weird writing this). My expectations have been surpassed ten-fold. I have discovered talents I didn't know I had (designing with a two year old under the desk) and learnt a ton (like how to get the most out of the weird guy behind the post office counter). I have travelled in spirit to all of the worldwide destinations my paper designs got sent to and I have worked with and got to know some inspiring people.

So I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of my customers, likers, followers and other stalkers.

Thank you for trusting me, for asking me to come up with things I get excited about (and things I would never have dreamt of doing: fancy drawing a 'jackalope'?).

Thank you for supporting a small business, a real person and giving me a new passion.

You have been awesome and have turned me into a new person! I can't wait for this year's challenges!

Happy New Year! Feliz ano novo!
Bonne année! Frohes neues Jahr!


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