DIY seasons' greetings

Having lived in the U.K. for over a decade, I caught the card-bug. The British are champions when it comes to sending cards. Entire high street shops dedicated to them and cards for every occasion you can imagine. Maybe that is why I got into card making too!! Isn't it lovely to receive a (handmade) card from a real person wishing you all sorts of good things amongst bills, junk mail and useless reminders from companies? Sure, we should be eco-friendly and save paper, but many cards (mine included) are made of recycled paper nowadays.

So, here I was this year, wondering what to send for my own personal Christmas cards... Of course, I had to use my brown recycled paper and maybe incorporate some elements of things I sell in my shop. But I also wanted them to feel more personal and be multilingual, of course!

I used
- brown & grey kraft paper (100% recycled)
- photo stickers
- airmail twine
- different kinds of washi tape
- decorative vintage travel theme stickers
- upcycled packaging
- and some real stamps!

I am really pleased with the end result. Hope my family and friends like them too

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